Mindfulness and Compassion in Lincolnshire - this breath... this moment... being kind
Mindfulness and Compassion In Lincolnshire


           "It's hard to imagine that something so
         simple can create such a new way of 
         being, enabling me to be more peaceful      
         and positively energised."

         " I feel it has been live changing"

         " I would recommend the course to    

          "A huge thank you to Tracy what
           an amazing teacher"

          "I feel happier, calmer and more able to    
          cope with life's difficulties using what I have  
          learnt during the MBLC"

          " I have learned to calm my mind, be less   
               stressed about life (not to 'strive' so much)
            and be kinder to myself"

          "Taking part in this course was definitely one
           of my better decisions and I will always be
           pleased that I did it"

Mindfulness and Compassion in Lincoln and the surrounding area

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